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Welcome to Positive Health Plus - the first centre in the UK to offer a unique, combined approach to healthcare that encompasses both conventional and holistic medical philosophy with the science of positive psychology.


At this critical point in healthcare - with soaring rates of mental health issues, obesity, type ll diabetes, heart disease and cancer - it is time for fundamental change in how we view and treat disease. There is no one-size-fits-all solution and we cannot expect other people to do it for us, but far from being negative 'doom and gloom', this could also cause a paradigm shift - if we are willing to consider positive change.    


Confusing and conflicting health advice can make it hard to know what to do for the best


Upward Spirals workshops - the 'teaching branch' of Positive Health Plus - provide bespoke training, workshops and courses in all aspects of health and wellbeing, from how to eat more healthily to stress management, personal development and increasing life satisfaction.


The programme uses evidence-based interventions such as mindfulness, positive psychology tools and current thinking on nutrition, exercise and sleep to create upward spirals in health, happiness and general wellbeing. We offer innovative training and development packages suitable for businesses, schools, organisations and community groups both large and small.


Tour the website to find out how Postive Health Plus can help you, your family, your school or your workplace benefit from a truly integrated approach to physical and psychological well-being.



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E: maggie@upwardspirals.org.uk


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