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Positive Education is an important development in our schools - for the wellbeing of both teaching staff and students. Teachers as a professional group experience some of the highest levels of sickness and stress, whilst increasing numbers of young people struggle with emotional and mental health problems.


Whether you are looking at changing MINDSET, building RESILIENCE or MANAGING STRESS (especially at exam time or during inspections), Upward spirals can help.


Mindfulness sessions with year 12 students: Feedback post-its!


In September 2016, Upwards Spirals delivered a 45 minute mindfulness session to 4 groups of new year 12 students, totalling 200+ .


The focus of the sessions was on using mindfulness to improve focus and manage stress in the lead up to GCSE examination years.


This practical workshop kicked off with a 'Maltesa meditation', mindful listening /movement and meditation and finished with a 'mindful learning' summary exercise using a short, silent visual presentation (pictures and quotes) on powerpoint. Feedback was very positive and included 'belter'; 10/10; smiley face; 'I know more about mindfulness;' 'helpful'; & 'calming & relaxing'.


Positive Exam Preparation course

Prior to GCSE examinations in 2017 I was asked to deliver a 6-week Positive Exam Prep course to year 11 students at a local High school.

The course incorporated all elements of the US programme and applied specifically to addressing students needs and maximising their health, wellbeing and performance at this stressful time.

Some of the 'best bits' included discovering my strengths with the VIA survey (see Authentic Happiness in column to the right); learning/thinking/writing about happiness; learning about mindfulness and how to relax and doing the breathing; thinking about how i feel.

Each session finished with pupils positive word for the day, summaised below.



Over 72% students in group 1 and 80% in group 2 who attended at least 3 PEP sessions and completed a minimum of 3 ‘check-in’ questionnaires reported either improved or the same scores on questions 1 & 2, at a time when anxiety might normally be increasing as examinations get closer.

Strengthening Schools - the Upward Spirals Programme
This document provides full details of the programme content and charges.
Strengthening Schools The Upward Spira[...]
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The Upward Spirals 'Strengthening Schools'  programme is an integrated package designed to support wellbeing in staff, students and families. All courses include elements of Positive Psychology (character strengths, mindsets, positive emotions); mindfulness practice & the foundations of health - encouraging healthier nutrition, exercise & sleep habits that suit individuals, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach that doesn't work for many..

"Maggie has worked with us during our cross trust professional development days where we bring all our staff across our 4 schools together for the day.  Maggie has played an integral part in our wellbeing initiative with our staff delivering some fantastic mindfulness sessions to both our support staff and teaching staff." 


"Maggie has an ability to set the right tone for the right audience and staff are always buzzing after her sessions.  Maggie is very professional and a pleasure to work with and no doubt she will continue to work with us in the future.  Holding an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology means Maggie can provide staff with the most up to date research on the benefits of mindfulness and show staff practical applications that they can use in their everyday life." 

Katie Small (Assistant Principal).


Positive Exam Preparation Course

"With the ever increasing pressures facing youngsters today, recognising and dealing with stress and anxiety is becoming ever more important. The Positive Examination Prep course provided excellent tools for students to develop their growth mind set and support their needs in dealing with the rigours of school life in the build up to examination. I would highly recommend this course in supporting youngsters through their final year at secondary school".


Paul Goodwin Head of Y11/Head of PE.

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